Unique Futon Traditional Japanese Beds Idea

Traditional Japanese Beds Futon is traditional Japanese furniture, basically a mattress made from a bed that is still commonly used today. The futon first appeared as a weed made of cloth in ancient Japan. A traditional futon usually puts costs fewer than 10,000 yen or about $ 83. This is sold in the so-called futon-ya in Japan and other specialized department stores. A traditional Japanese futon sets in general consists of a bed called shikibuton wrapped in Shikifu or sheets. The blankets called Kakebuton kakebuton covered with a blanket, called a blanket Mofu, a pillow called Makura. Makura usually filled with beans, wheat straw, or plastic beads. 4-5 cm Thick futon itself is flat, having an outer fabric stuffed with cotton and / or synthetic hit.

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